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Use your life to transform others. Choose ministry training that leads to real action.

Do you have a clear calling from God to work in ministry? Maybe you’re looking for ways to weave your passion for evangelism and serving into your everyday? Or perhaps you just want to do something that makes a difference? A degree from Biblical University will take you there.


We believe it’s our calling to raise up men and women for ministry. We believe strong theology is important, but ensure we keep practical training for the real world at the core of all our courses. It means our students are better equipped to take on the world, and live out their call – whatever it may be.


There are real and very exciting career outcomes from study at Biblical University, and they go beyond simply ministry, mission and church planting. You’ll be surprised where a degree from BU can take you.


Study that fits with you. 

Not everyone can fit study around work, or travel the distance to be on campus every week. Life is complicated, but we believe that nothing should get in the way of you following your calling.

The best part? You don’t have to sacrifice depth, connection and community to study. We’ve invested in our innovative distance learning course delivery to make sure study with us is as enriching as it should be.

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Biblical University, RC 1668221

24 Oko-Ito, P.O.Box 2419, Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria +23401

Admissions Helpline +2347063751540

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