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Accreditation Commission for Education in Theology - ACET International

(ACET International) is a subsidiary of Biblical University Limited, an independent accreditation body dedicated to providing a professional, legal and relevant educational accrediting service to Christian Universities, Seminaries and Bible Colleges in Nigeria, Africa and internationally.

ACET International

For Achievement of Quality and Excellence in Theological Education


1. Submit a formal request for affiliation with Biblical University at bcmsadmiss@gmail.com to be eligible for membership with the ACET International. 
2. Only affiliate partner schools with Biblical University are eligible to submit "Membership Application and Institutional Profile" along with the $100/#20,000 application fee(one time fee) and $50/#10,000 annual membership fee.
3. If school is approved for membership, a Membership certificate is issued which is valid for one year.
4. Member schools will maintain that status so long as their annual reports are current and their annual fees are paid.
5. Schools which are not approved for membership will not receive a refund of their annual $50/#10,000 fee.
6. Member schools only may apply as a "Candidate for Accreditation" by submitting letter of intent for accreditation and paying a $200/#40,000 fee; ACET will issue an "Accreditation" certificate which will be valid for 1 year or paying a $1000/#200,000 for full accreditation which will be valid for life.
7. Pay all required dues/fees by September 30th annually. Complete ACET Annual Report by October 31st of each year.


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Oko-Ito, Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria

Tel: +2347063751540

Email: bcmsadmiss@gmail.com

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