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Providing an exceptional education to our students is only the beginning of Biblical University’s mission. Our mission of “equipping servant leaders for global ministry” underscores our commitment to invest the highest level of quality training and quality support into the lives of our students, alumni and the ongoing work of ministry around the world.

Over the years, BU has trained people from the countries of the world to support and fulfill their God-given dreams.

As the Chancellor of Biblical University, I am humbled and awed to see how God has used our ministry in the lives of our students, and how they have gone on to impact others across the globe.

With a rigorous academic programme, well-qualified academics who are also practitioners in the local church, and a dynamic and vibrant student community, BU is well- positioned to meet the needs of men and women who are looking for quality training to support the call of God in their lives.

Take your first step in your journey with BU today.

I look forward to you joining us at the world’s leading ministry-based training college.

Prof. Emmanuel Kolawole, PhD

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