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Bible-based, Christ-centered, Spirit-led

Why Biblical University?

Biblical University and College of Ministry & Seminary was founded in 2008 as an evangelical college with a unique vision for Equipping Servant Leaders for Global Ministry, educating and empowering Christian students from all over the world.

Our mission of “equipping servant leaders for global ministry” underscores our commitment to invest the highest level of quality training and quality support into the lives of our students, alumni and the ongoing work of ministry around the world.


Our students hail from 36 States, 20 countries and 5 continents.


23 part-time and volunteer, 90% with PhD or highest degree in their fields of study.


Our academic majors are broad, deep, interdisciplinary and among the best of their kind.


We have an excellent record of recommending students for possible transfer of credit for graduate programmes.


Here are answers to a few of the frequently asked questions about applying to Biblical University.

How much does it cost?

BU does not charge tuition fee. BU is a tuition free Bible College with all study materials online for free download by the students. There is NO CHARGE TO STUDY the courses at BU. However, students are required to pay application, enrollment and graduation fees to cover administration, maintenance and support, degree processing and graduation ceremonies.

Accountant at Work

Are courses accredited?

Yes, courses are accredited and taught by qualified instructors. BU is accredited by Association for Christian Higher Education and Theological Schools - ACHETS, is an "Accreditation Body" for Christian Educators and Christian Schools. ACHETS is a recognized authority on Christian higher education accreditation in Nigeria. No 1 and the best.

Young Teacher

Are the credits and the degree accepted at other colleges and universities?

Yes, but be sure to confirm with them prior to beginning your studies at BU. Colleges and universities evaluate transfer of credits on a case-by-case basis. Some colleges and universities are very open to accepting credits from other institutions, some are very restrictive.

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Why is Biblical University a good choice for me?

Biblical University offers a large number of undergraduate/graduate courses designed to enhance your professional talent and strengthen your spiritual life. One of the benefits is that you study anytime, anywhere. A BU degree opens doors for employability in Christian schools, churches, ngo, ministries, military services and fellowships. 

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Ewang Kwene Divine

As a refugee and one blessed to be a beneficiary of scholarship award, from an empirical viewpoint states, the heights of Biblical University cannot only be measured by it's leadership orientation programme for preachers and public leaders irrespective of status, nationality or race. 

Dr. Ndubishi Raphael Chidi

Biblical University is an eye opener and a source of inspiration to me. The management is selfless and indeed a booster to my ministerial life, a spiritual catalyst that speeds the rate of activation of my potentials, making my dream come true. Thanks once again to Dr. Emmanuel Kolawole, Chancellor, and the entire management staff of Biblical University.

Rev. Dr. Andreas Olufestus

As a current Rector and President of a Bible/Missions school, I appreciate that I could take what I learned during the programmes and actually use it in my Bible/Missions school. My Master's and Doctorate (PhD) in Theology has given me tools and confidence to transition into leadership opportunities within my station and environ. All thanks to God's Servant Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Kolawole for his leadership acumen.

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Course materials are superb, instructive, straightforward and easy to learn. I thought learning would be difficult with online distance, but teaching methods are very well planned to encourage quick training.

- Sergeant Pastor Olusegun Omojola

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