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- Biblical Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies emphasizes understanding the Bible through a specific focus on the exegesis and interpretation of Scripture. The degree equips students for Christian ministry with the knowledge and skills to rightly handle and teach the Word of God.

- Bible and Theology

The bachelor's degree in Bible and Theology will teach you to use proper methods and resources to interpret the Bible. You will also learn to defend theological doctrines central to the Christian faith, and communicate distinct elements of a Christian worldview.

- Bible and Ministry

The Bible and Ministry bachelor’s degree gives you a solid theological foundation in the Old and New Testaments, and you’ll gain an understanding of how biblical principles are applied to daily life and ministry.

- Missions

The BU's Missions degree deals with the fundamentals of evangelism and the ways missionaries work. You'll learn about the biblical basis for mission work and how to evangelize effectively.

- Pastoral Counseling

The Biblical University Pastoral Counseling degree will equip you with biblically centered counseling tools to help others through decisions and crises.

- Pastoral Ministry

The Pastoral Ministry programme combines academic excellence with spiritual formation and hands-on experience in local churches to prepare you for full-time ministry. When you graduate, you’ll be ready to make a difference, one that has eternal impact.

- Christian Education

The Bachelor of Arts in Christian Education degree is designed for those who desire to minister in creating or administrating Christian Education departments in churches and/or Christian schools. 

- Christian Counseling

The Biblical University Bachelor of Arts in Christian Counseling programme can equip you with the philosophy, methods, and resources suited for ministry. You will graduate equipped for counselling roles within the local church context and other church-related bodies.

- Discipleship and Christian Studies

If you have a heart for both ministry and teaching, BU's Discipleship and Christian Studies degree will equip you for a fulfilling service in Christian Ministry.

- Bible, Theology and Intercultural Studies

Bible, Theology and Intercultural Studies programme is designed to provide graduates with a thorough understanding of the Bible and equip them for effective cross-cultural ministry.

- Christian Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies degree programme at Biblical University provides a framework of foundational knowledge in biblical studies, theology, philosophy and Christian history.


- Church Administration

The Church Administration degree educates and equips students to become church administrators. This degree emphasizes a strong biblical/theological foundation and provides well-balanced training in the theory and practice of pastoral ministry.

- Ministry Leadership

The Master of Arts in Ministry Leadership is a degree designed to help students develop a biblical, theological, and pastoral framework for leadership that is academically rigorous, praxis-oriented, and facilitates the growth and development of missional leadership for the Church.

- Christian Ministry and Counseling

The Master of Arts in Christian Ministry and Counseling is a professional degree programme that prepares you to serve the pastoral needs of people in various ministry settings.

- Missions and Ministry

The Master of Arts in Missions and Ministry provides training for missionary work, intercultural ministry, and church planting.

- Biblical Counseling

The Masters of Arts in Biblical Counseling is a programme of study designed primarily to equip Christian men and women to minister God's Word through biblical counseling in the context of the local church or other Christian ministries.

- Pastoral Leadership and Ministry

The Master's degree in Pastoral Leadership and Ministry offered by Biblical University prepares students to be effective leaders in the church.


- Christian Leadership

The Master of Arts in Christian Leadership is a degree that strengthens Christians for service in their chosen vocation. The degree will nurture biblically and theologically informed, culturally sensitive leaders for the church and world.

- Christian Ministry

The BU's Master of Arts in Christian Ministry is a flexible degree programme designed to equip you for competent leadership in ministry fields such as youth and family ministry, children's ministry and education ministry.


- Pastoral Ministries

The Pastoral Ministries major prepares students to serve in general pastoral ministry or as a future member of a church planting team. Graduates will understand and experience the basic roles of a pastor/shepherd such as preaching, teaching, leading, pastoral care and
church planting.

- Theology, Ministry and Missions

The MA in Theology, Ministry and Missions provides a practical and broad-based approach to the exploration of theology and ministry in a variety of settings and contexts.

- Theology

The Master of Theology programme is designed for students who wish to improve or deepen their preparation for ministry, or who desire to acquire preparation for specialized ministries of the church. Graduates will develop the capacity to conduct advanced research, and deepen their spiritual foundations and practices to support a lifetime of learning and

- Theology and Biblical Studies

The degree is designed to achieve substantive understanding of the field of biblical studies appropriate for advanced academic study of Scripture in the service of the church.

- Christian Education

The purpose of the Master of Arts in Christian Education programme is to equip students for service in Christian education and related ministries.

- Biblical Studies

The M.A. in Biblical Studies prepares students to study the Bible and understand Christian Theology for the purposes of practical ministry and the enrichment of contemporary Christian life.

- Theology and Apologetics

The Master of Arts in Theology and Apologetics degree programme trains students to defend Christianity with historical, philosophical, and biblical training.

- Ministry

The master's degree in ministry is designed to give a broad range of ministry preparation for many ministry opportunities.

- Christian Counseling

The Master of Arts in Christian Counseling prepares you to help others through a theologically cohesive, relationally rich, and Christ-centered understanding of the human experience.

- Theological Studies

The Master of Theological Studies degree serves those looking for deeper knowledge or to teach Bible and theology within the church or in higher education.

- Divinity

The Master of Divinity is designed to prepare pastors, missionaries, and other Christian workers for a life of effective kingdom service. 

- Christian Education and Theological Studies

The Master of Arts in Christian Education and Theological Studies is a professional degree that includes studies in Bible, theology, church history, and practical theology. The degree is designed to prepare students for formation in congregational and institutional settings, and to provide training for teaching the Christian religious knowledge in church or schools.

- Pastoral Theology

The programme provides theological foundations in pastoral theology, and integrates the formation of persons preparing for pastoral ministry. The degree provides graduates with strategic ministry vision and opens a variety of career options, such as chaplaincy. Graduates also work as counselors, Bible school teachers, or as leaders of community service organizations.

- Church Administration and Management

The Masters of Arts in Church Administration and Management degree offers the student the opportunity to develop and exercise their leadership, administrative and management skills within churches, ministries and Christian non-profit organizations.

- Counseling and Ministry

The BU Master of Arts in Counseling and Ministry degree will challenge you spiritually, grow you professionally, and shape you relationally as you prepare for Kingdom service.

- Christian Educational Ministries

This degree programme prepares persons for specialized ministry in Christian education and leadership. 

- Church Ministries

This degree prepares persons for a variety of supporting ministries in the local church or in Christian ministries.

- Practical Ministries and Bible

The degree is designed for those who desire to receive training for real, practical ministry in a manner that provides rich biblical and theological training alongside practical application, better preparing the student for a lifetime of faithful ministry.

- Counseling Ministry

The Master of Arts in Counseling Ministry provides high quality training in counseling with the well-rounded biblical and theological foundations. This degree is designed to prepare students to be capable counselors who are able to integrate their Christian faith with competent pastoral care and counseling abilities.

- Pastoral Care and Counseling

As a student of the pastoral care and counseling programme, you’ll gain the skills necessary to utilize theological principles to promote spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental wholeness through Bible-based counseling and pastoral care.

- Church Ministry and Leadership

The Master of Arts in Church Ministry and Leadership degree will deepen your understanding of Scripture and develop your ministry and church leadership skills.

- Pastoral Leadership

The Master of Arts in Pastoral Leadership is a degree programme that prepares men and women for leadership and service in the Church as ministers and religious educators.

- Chaplaincy and Ministry Care

The Master of Arts - Chaplaincy and Ministry Care prepares you for certification as a chaplain. This unique vocation allows you to provide spiritual care in a variety of contexts, such as hospitals, prisons and workplaces. Your studies will include a strong foundation in biblical studies, theology and personal spiritual formation, along with specialized courses in ministry care.


- Theology

The Doctor of Theology at Biblical University is an advanced degree programme designed to enhance the analytical, practical, interpersonal, and professional skills of our students and provide them with superior ability for positions of leadership and ministry. Through the completion of relevant courses and thorough analysis of precedent literature and current issues and trends, students discern how to interpret and respond to contemporary theories and practices, and how to deploy their knowledge, understanding, and skills to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

- Ministry

The Doctor of Ministry is a professional doctorate, often including a research component, that may be earned by a minister of religion while concurrently engaged in some form of ministry. It is categorized as an advanced programme oriented toward ministerial leadership.

- Theology and Biblical Studies

The Ph.D. in Theology and Biblical Studies is designed for pastors and teachers who intend to teach biblical studies in Christian colleges and universities, or churches.

- Theological Studies

The Doctor of Philosophy in Theological Studies Programme is an advanced graduate degree primarily intended to prepare students for academic teaching and research.

- Biblical Studies

The purpose of this PhD in Biblical Studies programme is to equip well-trained, morally oriented, and ethically driven scholars in academic study of the Bible. Graduates will be able to realize careers in teaching, research, and diverse fields of ministry. The programme is designed to provide its graduates with essential knowledge in the key areas of biblical studies with preparation for scholarly endeavors. 

- Biblical Leadership

The Doctor of Biblical Leadership is a unique multidisciplinary programme designed for those who desire to lead as Christians across a variety of church, ministry and other settings. This degree programme equips you academically, spiritually and professionally to navigate the challenges of church leadership.

- Biblical Education

The Doctor of Biblical Education degree programme is designed to provide advanced training in Biblical Education. This degree prepares one to do educational tasks in a Christian setting. Among these are teaching, supervising, developing, and implementing Christian education programmes.

- Biblical Counseling

Advanced Training for Biblical Counselors, Chaplains, Pastors, Youth Pastors and Pastoral Staff. The degree is designed for individuals who are already well advanced in the ministry of Biblical counseling. The Doctor of Ministry in Biblical Counseling is a programme that concentrates heavily upon practical biblical counseling courses that prepare the Christian leader to conduct practical and helpful counseling sessions under the umbrella of the local church.

- Christian Educational Leadership

The purpose of this degree is to provide advanced professional study and preparation for research for Christian educators and leaders.

- Leadership and Ministry

The Doctor of Leadership and Ministry is intended for students who desire to increase their competency in the practice of ministry leadership. Students will learn how to execute a biblical and organizational analysis of the leadership and growth needs of ministries and assess and implement changes.

- Missions and Evangelism

The Ph.D. in Missions and Evangelism trains students to not only develop a biblical framework for the evangelistic mission of the church but also analyze contemporary trends in church growth. This degree focuses on theological, historical, and methodological aspects of Christian missions and contemporary issues in evangelism.

- Biblical and Theological Studies

The Ph.D. in Biblical and Theological Studies is designed to train scholars who can serve the church worldwide as teachers, researchers, pastors, and leaders. The programme aims at fostering faithfulness to the teaching of Scripture with a view towards strengthening and equipping the church in its mission.

- Theology and Ministry

The Doctor of Theology and Ministry is a professional degree programme for men and women actively engaged in full-time Christian ministry. The programme enhances the participants competence in the particular area of their gifts and calling so that they become a “leader worth following.” Opportunities for personal and spiritual growth are woven into the fabric
of the programme to produce Spirit-empowered leaders who will build God’s Kingdom around the world.

- Religious Education

The Doctor of Religious Education is designed to meet your professional development needs as a Christian education leader. Candidates will grow in their ability to enhance God's kingdom work in Christian schools or colleges and represent Christian education perspectives in the broader society.

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