BU’s Library Network contains a comprehensive collection of over 132,000 titles, over 75,000 volumes including Online Christian Resources, Homiletics - Hermeneutics References, Western Theology/ Philosophy/Leadership, Dictionary/Encyclopedia, Psychology, Apologetics, Bible Studies, Bible Surveys, Christian Doctrine and History, Biographies and Autobiographies, Christian Living, Christian References, Christian Counseling, Christian Ethics, Evangelism, Ministry and Missions, Miscellaneous Books, Philosophy and Religions, Theology, Worship, Whole Bible Commentaries, Greek-Related Resources, over 75,000 periodicals, and over 39,000 audio/video materials available for research, and a list of authors and books.


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Biblical University, RC 1668221

24 Oko-Ito, P.O.Box 2419, Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria +23401

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