1 Thesis must be submitted by the graduating student, with relevant payments, by no later than six weeks prior to the graduation ceremony for inclusion in the graduation programme.

2 Each graduating student is required to present one of the following to the college:
i. Laptop
ii. Generator
iii. Rechargeable Fan
iv. School Bus
v. Television
vi. Photocopier
vii. DVD Player
viii. 1 Acre of Land
ix. Cash Donations
x. Office Chairs
xi. Projector
xii. Internet Facility
xiii. UPS
xiv. Stab
xv. Printer

xvi. etc

3 Graduands must arrive no later than two hours prior to the commencement time of the ceremony.

4 Graduands are to gather in the vestry for one hour prayer session and interaction and exchange of pleasantries, and will be advised to dress for the occasion.

5 Graduands are to follow college processional order. The academic procession will enter the hall as follows:

i. The Mace Bearer
ii. The Graduands
iii. The Volunteers, Representatives/Coordinators
iv. Members of staff of the University
v. The Guest Speaker/Guest of Honor
vi The First VC
vii. The Chancellor

6 The Graduands are to take their seat after the Chancellor is seated

7 Graduands are to be seated on the stage left part of the hall

8 Once all graduands are seated, they will not be allowed to leave their seats until the closing prayer is said.

9 Certificates and glass awards of international standards are normally provided to the graduands at that ceremony.

10 Graduates who defer, or graduates in absentia, will be sent their documentation at the end of the relevant graduation period to the postal address recorded in the student system.

11 Chancellor who is the principal authority hosts and confers the awards

12 Photography session will be conducted immediately after the ceremony.



The graduands will walk on stage, and stand facing the Chancellor.

The graduands approach the Chancellor and greet with head bow.

The Chancellor will confer awards with hand shake.

Professional photograph will be taken.

The graduates will exit the stage and then resume their seat.

Graduates who are to be awarded double degrees will be presented once only.


What Next?
Students may join the Alumnus/Alumna Association and continue their relationship with the school.

For inclusion in the association, please submit your name and active WhatsApp number to: Global Alumni Ambassador, Evangelist Dr Oyediji Titilayo Adebola GAA, Whatsapp number 0807 793 0964

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