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Candidates for ordained minister's license study programme must be a student that is capable of rightly dividing the Word of Truth (2 Tim. 2:15).

Licence is a valid document that attests to the acceptance of the minister by a body of licensing authority as a minister of God, thereby empowering him to exercise his ministry in any part of the world with full authority.

Becoming Ordained

Ordination to the gospel ministry is a significant and solemn event in a man’s life. The church must be satisfied with the evidences of the call to the ministry, and the church recommends the student to the University for ordination and certification process.

Students should be in touch with the University to determine the specific requirements for ordination and certification. It is recommended that students are to enroll in a degree programme and encouraged to choose a major.

The ordination and certification process at Biblical University is designed to help you have more competence, confidence, and credibility in your ministry.

In addition, submit a 1,500–2,100 word autobiography, Christian testimony, calling into ministry and work experience written in the first person.

Submit supporting documentation along with your essay, as well as letters of recommendation.

Interested applicants are expected to apply online

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