Reconnect, Renew Friendships and Make New Ones.

Keep in Touch
Students may join the Alumnus/Alumna Association and continue their relationship with the school.

Annual Dinner
The Association hosts an annual Alumnus/Alumna dinner, to celebrate, worship, fellowship and strengthen one another.

Money donated to the college impacts students in a variety of ways. For example, our students enjoy full tuition scholarships on an annual basis, and enrollment fee at BU is lower than it is in many other private colleges or universities. A primary reason for this is the level of support that the college receives. Your donations also provide buildings and state-of-the-art technology for students.


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Contact Information

Biblical University, RC 1668221

24 Oko-Ito, P.O.Box 2419, Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria +23401

Admissions Helpline +2347063751540

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