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Our Story

Get to Know Our Story and The Legacy We Leave

"You Must Never Despise Small Beginnings": BU Then and Now | Biblical University

Once ridiculed by the world, but actually good news for many today. It's an opportunity for us to step out in faith and be the people of God living out the mission of God, and helping people to live out the mission of God in their own lives too, with many testimonies.

BU has changed a lot since the university's founding in 2008. Get a glimpse at our humble beginnings in a blast from the past

Established on the 5th January 2008, and has students from churches across dozens of denominations and movements.

BU’s mission is “equipping servant leaders for global ministry”. This goal is accomplished through ministry training programmes that are practical and relevant, in a Spirit-empowered environment. Training students from countries of the world over the years, the large number of BU graduates in ministry throughout Africa and overseas is a testimony to the quality of our training programmes.

In the start of the new millennium and the 21st century, which began on 1 January 2001, there were no Bible colleges and theological institutions established in Nigeria offering free tuition and 100 percent online studies with free books. In 2008, Biblical University and College of Ministry & Seminary in Nigeria was founded by Prof. Emmanuel Kolawole, which he started for His glory and commenced class on Saturday 5th January of the same year in a small church building located at Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State with 5 students face-to-face, but now has its vast ministry purposefully fitted out to satisfy the varying requirements of providing excellent theological education. BU started as the first tuition-free Bible and theological institution in Nigeria & Africa as a whole, with 100 percent online studies and free books, and the first three year Bible college bachelor degree with the use of electronic devices and Internet technologies to deliver a variety of solutions to enable learning and improve performance. BU, the first tuition-free Bible college and the world’s leading ministry-based training college with all study materials online for free download by the students, with the most up-to-date list of online courses and learning websites, making private Christian higher theological education tuition free for students that want to pay for their education but can't afford to across the nation and internationally. One of the most affordable, offering a life-changing, Bible-based, Christ-centered, Spirit-led, great education, and world class qualifications formally recognised for both study and ministry opportunities, and other institutions followed suit.

Students that have completed their course work, submitted thesis, and completed payments are eligible to take part in the Commencement Exercises.

Churches have recommended students to the University for the ordination and certification process. The ordination and certification process at Biblical University is designed to help students have more competence, confidence, and credibility in their ministries.


Ranked among the Top universities by the University Directory Worldwide, and the ACHETS Incorporated, and among the 12 best Bible colleges in Nigeria.

Our students hail from 36 States, 20 countries and 5 continents. Currently enrolled students, graduates and alumni are serving the Lord’s kingdom across Nigeria, Africa and the world.

Fast Track Study:
BU offers a large number of undergraduate and graduate programmes designed to enhance your professional talent and strengthen your spiritual life. One of the benefits is that you study anytime, anywhere. Besides, degree programmes are accelerated, too, helping to fast-track you to the finish, with each University's academic year running for 6 calendar months

Affiliate Partnership:
BU Global Partnership has opened more doors for students, Bible colleges, churches and Christian organizations. Through our affiliate programme, we work with theological universities, bible colleges, seminaries, churches and Christian organizations across the world to provide higher education opportunities to onsite and online learners. The Biblical University Affiliate Programme will allow your ministry to operate as an affiliate of Biblical University and College of Ministry & Seminary under our umbrella. You will operate as an affiliate school and free to use your own name but simply add "Affiliated to Biblical University" or "An affiliate of Biblical University"

Scholarship - Mission200Pastors:
Annual Pastors Scholarship Giveaway - has sponsored countless number of pastors both at home and abroad, to prepare them for their various calling in life and to proclaim Christ by serving Him in the Church and Society. We give because we have been given much. If you are interested in a whole-life education, you could be with us in one of our classes, growing in GRACE and KNOWLEDGE. This offer only valid for the Mission 200 Pastors - Annual Scholarship Giveaway, for BA, MA, and PhD Degree programmes (Single Major Specialization) at Biblical University.

Credit Transfer:
We have an excellent record of recommending students for possible transfer of credit for graduate programmes if you are desiring to continue elsewhere.

A BU degree has opened doors for employability in schools, churches, ngo/profit organizations, companies, ministries, military services and fellowships in recent years.

Social Media Platform:
The most popular online Bible college and theological university in Africa.

Online Review Stars:
84% of students trust our online reviews as much as recommendations from people. This has Improved our review star rating which is attracting more visitors and increasing their interest. Reviews help us to continue providing great services and help others like you to find us and make confident decisions

We are pioneers and role models in every respect.

We have INIMITABLE QUALITY and EXCELLENCE in Theological Education. Our Courses will TAKE YOU PLACES.

BU is well-positioned to meet the needs of men and women who are looking for quality training to support the call of God in their lives.

BU has invested into its programmes and people to provide students with the best quality theological education with outstanding academic programmes and ministry development available.

From the outset, BU has been committed to a programme of continuous improvement, never being satisfied with our present status, beginning with Certificate and Diploma courses, BU now offers Bachelor and Master degrees as well as Doctoral degrees.

BU was established in Ogun State, incorporated in Nigeria, to establish, provide, maintain and conduct research, training colleges, schools and other institutions for the training, education and instruction of Bible students and others who may desire to avail themselves of the same, to operate, conduct and to run in Nigeria or abroad schools, colleges, teaching classes for higher education in biblical studies, and to conduct examinations and to award degrees, in partnership with ACHETS Missionary University, accredited by Association for Christian Higher Education and Theological Schools, and certified by ACHETS Center for Advancement of Christian Education Ministries & Certifications - ACACEMC

Don’t make the world wait. Dream big and see the future ahead. Make the right choice!

Have questions. Seek answers. Do not delay. Or you have Issues. Think critically and think right. To gain Knowledge. Thirst for it. Get accredited qualification that is respected worldwide. Welcome to Biblical University!

Choose your application pathway. Start your experience today!

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