This is to invite you formally to support our N100m / 250,000.00 USD campus project

Biblical University is proud to be Top Ranked, and the largest online Christian University in Africa.

Since its founding in 2008, “We've been championing organisational excellence by setting professional standards for quality distance Christian theological education in Nigeria and globally”


​BU is looking to provide a modern and well-equipped campus that’s relevant to teaching in the 21st century. While there has been tremendous growth in technology over the last few years, not everyone has full access to the infrastructure needed to optimally enjoy the benefits of online learning. Among those who lack such access are individuals who are genuinely hungry for traditional university education, and therefore in-person learning comes in handy for them. Financial support is essential to achieve this vision.

​Your gift to Biblical University will ensure that we continue to provide vital services and a world-class learning experience for students.


​The building will provide the blended model and better opportunities for creating a ‘learning community-of-practice’, as students also gather together in a physical class.

“Through in-person learning, students learn invaluable social skills that help them to relate better with others in the community and at the workplace. Through online learning, students can acquire high-quality education from anywhere in the world and also acquire the all-important technological skills and knowledge that help them to better engage the dynamic world of technology which is inevitably part of our everyday lives”​

​“Some challenges will require that we use traditional approaches to sort them out, while others will demand the use of technologies. Blended learning, therefore, opens up a student’s mind to both worlds, and they become more valuable in both worlds”

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